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Disaster Relief Recovery Services and Grant Management

In times of disaster, rely on us. We'll maximize federal grants for a swift and improved recovery. Our experienced team is prepared to assist with FEMA and HUD Disaster Recovery grant management at every stage.

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Speeding Up Recovery

We swiftly arrive at disaster sites, securing and retaining every FEMA dollar for you. Our commitment extends for the long term, efficiently delivering CDBG-DR funds where they're most essential.


We know all the complexities & can help you avoid the common pitfalls.


Our team comprises former government grant and program administrators, workflow developers, and planning experts with over 20 years and $200 million in federal grant experience.


What sets us apart is our hands-on, in-house team dedicated to each project. You'll directly engage with the nation's top disaster recovery experts.


We assist in aligning programs with the broader picture, optimizing federal funds for lasting, transformative impact. Our meticulous data tracking ensures you receive actionable insights, allowing you to make informed decisions and prioritize what truly matters.

Grants Management for Each Phase of Recovery

Cost Accounting & Recovery

We understand FEMA rules, ensuring you can confidently focus on your job, knowing reimbursement is guaranteed.

Reimbursement Processing

With vast experience handling tens of thousands of RFRs, we ensure you receive every deserved penny.

Cost Share Fulfillment Strategies

Having programmed billions in federal dollars, we offer creative solutions for cost-share obligations.

Insurance Reconciliation

Our specialists can manage the process or train your team for efficient handling.

Subgrantee Capacity Building

We assist overwhelmed sub-grantees, helping them navigate disaster grant management.

Program Audits

Avoiding risks in audits, we help you prepare and confidently respond to findings.

Appeals & Arbitrations

Understanding procedures and agency decision-making, we increase appeal success chances.

Cost Controls

Assisting in submitting required financial certifications when applying for a grant.

Operational & Administrative Readiness

Applying our experience, we ensure readiness for grant allocation with certifications and plans.

Regulatory Compliance

Staying updated on complex regulations, we handle compliance so you don't have to.

Unmet Needs Assessment

Using data analytics, we exceed federal requirements in assessing unmet needs.

Action Plan Development

Time-efficient action plans with precise skillsets from our vast U.S. experience.

Program Design

Compliant yet flexible program designs based on lessons learned across the U.S.

Organizational Structures & Workflows

Drawing from setting up entire grant management agencies, we advise on efficient structures.

Community Engagement

Meeting HUD requirements while fostering meaningful collaboration across agencies and stakeholders.

Work Desk

Closing Out with Assurance

Timely closeouts are crucial to preserving institutional knowledge, minimizing clawback risks, and maximizing funds. With our expertise, we guide you through efficient, meticulous project, grant, and disaster closeouts. At NVS, we've successfully managed the largest closeout programs in U.S. history, averaging over 70 closeout packages per month.

Disaster Recovery Experience

We have a proven track record in disaster recovery, having managed grants in various phases and locations, including:

State of Louisiana

  •  Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness after Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike, Isaac, Laura, and Delta.

FEMA and HUD Disaster Recovery Fund:

  • Great Floods of 2016.

  • Gulf Coast Storms in states of Texas, Mississippi, Florida, and Louisiana after Hurricanes Maria, Harvey, Irma, Matthew, Florence, Dorian, and Michael.

California Fires:

  • State of California after Fires of 2018 & 2019.

Northeast Superstorms:

  • States of New York and New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy of 2012.

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