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NVS offers one-on-one executive coaching sessions aimed at empowering leaders to enhance their leadership skills, decision-making capabilities, and strategic thinking. The coaching process is tailored to each individual's specific needs and challenges, enabling them to navigate the intricacies of government contracting successfully.

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Benefits of working with the Government:

  • Steady Payments: Enjoy consistent income streams.

  • Uphold Company Values: Strengthen your business's core principles.

  • Expert Support: Receive guidance and support in government contracting.

  • Educational Resources: Access comprehensive government contracting education.

  • Advantages for Female Business Owners:Unlock tailored advantages and funding opportunities.

  • Support for Minority and Veteran Owned Companies: Leverage specialized support and funding opportunities.

  • Abundant Resources: Gain access to a wealth of tools, templates, and more.


We Understand It's Not Easy...But We're Here to Help!

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Entry Level

Provides executive coaching to established companies that are new to government contracting (first 1 to 3 years) or new to owning a business. This is a self-driven program. When you have questions, your Advisor answers, provides context, and a recommended strategy. The focus of this track is on the fundamentals of running a government contracting business.​



  • Government contracting 101

  • SAM Registration

  • Applying and utilizing set-asides

  • The basics of business ownership

  • How to source opportunities

  • Assistance with goal setting and strategic planning



  • Weekly coaching session

  • 8-hour email support

  • Access to government contracting Facebook community


No contract service is month to month




This is designed for companies that are ready to take a faster approach to growing their government contracting business.This coaching track starts with a deep-dive assessment of your business. Prior to your first call, we will conduct a comprehensive review of your company so that your coach understands your business.


Researching acquisition data to validate your top buyers.

Review your corporate materials

Capability statement

Red Team Review for proposals

Marketing collateral

Your website

Building a strategic sales plan

Execution of your strategic plan

Building a Pipeline

Time-management and prioritization



Weekly Coaching Calls

Proposal Writing Included for up to 1 proposal a month

12 hour email support

Templates custom to your business

Pricing Tool

Proposal Template

Compliance Matrix

Teaming Agreements

And so much more!

Emergency Phone Support

Access to government contracting facebook community

6 month engagement




This is for mid-sized companies with established business operations already having success in the commercial or federal markets, but have plateaued and require fresh guidance and support.


With an emphasis on Value Mapping to more strongly communicate past performance and value; and strengthening the sales process. This provides the most comprehensive and time intensive level of support with maximum access to your principal consultant.


Everything that's in the first 2 plans



  • Proposal Red-Team

  • Proposal Writing Included for up to 2 proposals a month

  • 8x Monthly strategy sessions

  • 24 hour email support

  • Emergency phone support

  • Quarterly strategic planning sessions

  • Event Management

  • Monthly pipeline deep-dive review

  • Rate structure and pricing review

  • Access to government contracting facebook community


6  to 12 month engagement


Blue Curved Tubes

Are you ready to conquer the world of government contracting? Our GovCon Mentoring Program is your ultimate support system.

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